‘Stories of Wonder’ digital campaign thanks cement dealers


Wonder Cement, one of the leading cement manufacturing companies today, conveys their gratitude towards the cement dealers through a series of short stories, thereby cementing their long-lasting relationship. It focuses on the everlasting relationships with the dealers and aims to make it stronger with time, for the way forward. Wonder cement aims to establish itself as a leading player in the industry.

Through the digital campaign ‘Stories of Wonder’, they are thanking the cement dealers. Notable pillars of ‘quality’, ‘trust’ and ‘transparency’ have enabled Wonder Cement and their extensive network of dealers, to resonate and become market leaders. Over the past decade, all these values have strengthened the bond between Wonder Cement and their dealer networks.

Cement manufacturing company, Wonder Cement, in a digital campaign ‘Stories of Wonder’ underlines the benefaction and added value the dealer network gets to the industry giants. The Campaign ‘Stories of Wonder’ is a series of short stories that concentrate on the company’s relationship with its dealer networks and aims to make it stronger over time. The goal of the campaign was to concrete the company’s relationship with the dealers. It an initiative to thank them for their huge trust and support as well as remember the strong and well-maintained relationship of over 10 years, the company added.

According to Vivek Patni, the director, Wonder Cement, “The manufacturing industry which they are part of, thrives on their dealer networks and Wonder Cement for every reason considers them as the pillars of their strength. They are no less than Brand Ambassadors to us, who work closely with the company and notice the quality that we adhere to. We are honoring a decade long journey of togetherness and it is crucial to acknowledge our relationship in response to their unmatched efforts and dedication. With this campaign, we want to grow our bond with absolute trust that will make the way for a magnificent future with a strong foundation between us.”

Wonder Cement has been at the cutting edge of quality, right from its initiation and its vision has always been to beautify spaces with dignity, richness, maneuver & unmatched quality.


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