Strategies that can help you win Machine Learning Hackathon


Modern machine learning technology has emerged as an essential component of all digital mechanisms. Many people are trying to become experts in machine learning. By participating in machine learning hackathons, they can gain hands-on experience.

Machine learning hackathons cater primarily to software developers, coders, and other computer programmers. In a hackathon, participants have to develop software in a limited amount of time using datasets and models already provided. Participants will learn valuable skills after a machine learning hackathon. But winning a hackathon is different from engaging in a hackathon to gain experience. 

For your chances of winning the machine learning hackathon, you will have to follow specific strategies:-

  • Start from Short Hackathons

If you are new to machine learning, the best hackathons are those that are short or online. 

The road to victory begins with experience. Hence, directly participating in long hackathons won’t assure you a win. Begin with short hackathons under 24 hours and then move on to longer hackathons. However, when you transition from short to long competitions, make sure to be well-prepared and organized.

  • Work with an Experienced Person

When you’re a beginner, you should enrol in a hackathon with an experienced participant who has good knowledge of machine learning. These will help you both learn throughout the process and boost your chances of winning the prize. 

Furthermore, ensure you team up with someone who can contradict your assumptions. As an example, for those who are developers, join a league with the businessman. The combination of business skills and developing abilities is sure to lead you to the top.

  • Establish a Diverse Team

Here, diversity is not about ideology but talent. If the team includes only developers with zero knowledge about other aspects, the result will slide on one side. Hence, you should ensure that every member of the team has something new and unique to contribute. Additionally, work with clients who can support you through the entire challenge. Keep them updated on your progress and ask for direction if necessary.

  • Identify Your Goals

Hackathon success comes in two forms. The first one is to win the competition, and the second is to impress the client. Identify which of them you will focus on before beginning the work. 

You should go for a stellar presentation and shiny software if you want to impress the judges and win the hackathon. On the other hand, impressing the client is quite the opposite. Your sponsor will be impressed if you develop software that they can use even after the competition ended.

  • Prepare a Perfect Dataset

Both data and coding are essential to software development. Always ensure you have prepared data before proceeding with core operations. However, scraping data can be time-consuming and difficult since dynamically generated content is more difficult to scrape than static data. As an alternative, you might consider using publicly available IMDb data or data from Kaggle. It is important to remember that many winning teams consistently save time by searching for readily available data.

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