Top 7 Influencers in Cloud Computing 2021


Recent years have seen an increase in interest in cloud computing. As a result, Cloud Computing investment worldwide has risen, creating a stir among the corporate sector, technology industry, and IT industry.

It is considered one of the most in-demand skills among recruiters today. Social media has made it easier than ever before to stay connected to cloud computing influencers and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The leading influencers in cloud computing know the ins and outs of their field, which will assist you in grasping the nuances of the industry.

Here the top cloud computing influencers you need to know about are listed below:

  • Duncan Epping:

The Chief Technologist at VMware, Duncan Epping, is an important figure to follow if you are interested in cloud computing. Duncan works for VMware, a renowned cloud provider, to link its R&D team with partners and customers.

In the cloud and virtual industry, he has established himself among the top bloggers and prolific authors. He aids the firm in communicating its storage and availability strategy. He is the author of books like, Clustering Deep Dive, and vSAN Deep Dive. 

  • Gordon Davey:

One of Onalytica’s Top 100 Cloud Influencers on social media is Gordon Davey. He previously served as the UK Cloud Strategy Director for Dell and currently is the Head of Cloud Architecture at Willis Towers Watson. Using simplified messages, he aims to assist companies in effectively utilizing the cloud.

  • Vanessa Alvarez:

Vanessa Alvarez currently leads Microsoft, hybrid cloud go-to-market strategy. Previously, she worked at Forrester and Amazon Web Services, and she joined CloudNow at its inception. Numerous publications have dubbed her the “top woman in cloud computing” over the years, and she hopes to inspire other women to enter the field.

  • Tamara McCleary:

Tamara McCleary is a strategic consultant, an international branding expert, and one of the top 1% of social media influencers by Klear. 

Onalytica has also ranked her among their top 50 social influencers numerous times, and she ranked as B2B marketing #1 most influential woman in the MarTech. As if all that was not enough, she is the CEO of Thulium as well. Tamara is a pioneer in the cloud computing industry and has a prominent social media presence.

  • Ian Moyse:

Ian Moyse is an accomplished cloud sales specialist. He is one of the biggest influencers in the cloud computing industry. Based on his Twitter engagement, he was named one of Onlyticas top social media influencers. The well-known keynote speaker often offers guest posts on websites, including Cloudtech, Equinix, Oracle, and Maximiser. 

  • Scott Guthrie:

The Microsoft Azure team is lead by Scott Gurthie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft. His responsibilities include server management, database administration, business applications, management, security, and development. In a world dominated by AWS, he strives to move Azure forward. 

  • Jeff Barr:

Jeff Barr is a Senior Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, helping developers build innovative applications using AWS. Since 2014, he has written over 2,500 blog posts for the AWS blog that provide significant value to end-users. 

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