Strategy to move 40 apps to cloud in 40 days: RBL


Recently Mr. Sankarson Banerjee, CIO, RBL Bank shared the bank’s strategy to move 40 applications to cloud storage in 40 days.RBL did a lot of research for about a year and a half before moving to cloud. And identified what was the procedure and what would be the benefits to the bank.

They have moved 40 production applications in 40 days. This was because of the immense homework that they had done for this project. RBL did not even inform the backed team that they were moving the apps. That was to make sure that no one felt the difference.

Migrating to the cloud is always a complex process for an organization unless planned & strategized efficiently. Strategy for such projects should be encased keeping in mind the technical, operational & functional needs of the firm. A successful strategy should address long-term goals like better alignment between IT & business & short-term gains like reducing hosting costs.

The team made sure that they have gone through all the linkages. When an application is moving from on-premise to cloud storage, they made sure that all the connections it has with everything else in the system are to be put in the right place well ahead of time. Many people do the same at the time of the movement which usually causes things to fail. Since RBL had placed these beforehand, the project was victorious.

RBL adopted data migration tools from AWS, Cloud Endure & made sure that when the button was finally pressed, the transition went fluidly. Practicing the transition & testing the process before the actual movement made their project less complex.

Flexibility is one of the core features that Cloud storage has given us. When we do allocation, it is not just done for today but we also have to look at the future. Buying new hardware & storage suddenly is really difficult. It takes weeks to get new storage after placing a purchase order. Banerjee said that they wanted to change this which helps them to cut & do their job in shorter time cycles, which is in minutes & hours. This is where cloud storage comes in. And they decided to go ahead with AWS.


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