RBL Bank selects AWS as its cloud service partner


RBL Bank prefers Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its digital transformation. The Mumbai-based bank started the cloud journey a year ago had been investing in technology tools and platforms to offer agile, reliable, and superior solutions, said Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer of the company. A top official of the bank said that currently, 40% of the mission-critical application of the bank are on the cloud.

The first step in the process was shifting the bank’s corporate website to the AWS cloud. After gaining experience in the cloud, the company initiated a 10-in-10 project, in which 10 applications were transferred in 10 days. From September last onwards, the company began shifting actual production workloads to the cloud. CIO of RBL bank said that they had moved 72-73 workloads, mission-critical applications, so far and would be moving heavier workloads soon. He also added that with the tech developments happening in the cloud has made shifting evitable.

The benefits of AWS include Opex model that allows the company to pay on the go. Payment is required only for the resources consumed and for the time it was consumed. The span of applications shifted cloud platform cover business and functions such as Retail Assets, Branch and Business Banking, Operations, HR, customer-facing websites, etc. Before initiating the project the company forecasted IT resources to be provisioned. Banerjee said that the company had the capability of right-sizing. He also added that with AWS cloud the IT team does not have to worry about resources and procurement.

Banerjee said that meeting business expectations through the traditional procurement cycle for buying infrastructure was a complicated process. But the AWS cloud is cost-neutral. The company’s transaction volume had increased over six times now. Without the AWS cloud service, it would have been a difficult task to expand the infrastructure, especially during a time like this.

RBL Bank, formerly known as Ratnakar Bank, offers specialized services under Corporate & Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch & Business Banking, etc. Mr. Vishwavir Ahuja is the Managing Director & CEO of the bank joined in July 2010. Mr. Ahuja is a veteran in the banking industry, with around 36 years of experience.


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