Style, Swag, and Squad: Unveiling Casio Watches’ Wedding Collection for the modern wedding!

Style, Swag, and Squad: Unveiling Casio Watches’ Wedding Collection for the modern wedding!
Style, Swag, and Squad: Unveiling Casio Watches’ Wedding Collection for the modern wedding!

The hunt for the perfect accessory can often be tiresome, moreover when coordinating with your stylish ethnic outfits. Look no further and dive into the world of Casio Watches’ Wedding Collection where sophistication meets flair, making your special day even more fabulous! The collection reflects the commitment to excellence that defines Casio’s legacy but also celebrates the uniqueness, the exceptional, and the distinct qualities of modern and urban Indian couples.

Crafted for the young, dynamic, and stylish couples out there, Casio’s Wedding Collection is here to bring a fresh and modern twist to your wedding ensemble. From sleek metallic hues in silver, gold, and rose gold to bold and striking colors, these timepieces are more than just watches – they are a statement!

Whether you’re the bride or groom, or if you’re seeking a unique gift for your squad, these watches are designed to take your style game to the next level.

The timepieces are available across three sub-collections:


The ‘Be Individual, Be Together’ collection

This range is designed to celebrate the unique personalities of individuals while harmonizing as the ultimate power couple. The timepieces blend seamlessly into your vibrant ensembles, making a statement that is anything but ordinary. Because, really, why settle for anything less?

     Top picks from this range:

MTP-E321RL-5AVDF – INR 6995/-

LTP-E157MR-9ADF – INR 6995/-

MTP-VT01G-5BUDF – INR 4995/-

LTP-VT02G-3AUDF – INR 4995/-

The Timeless Love Collection

Step into the love groove with Casio’s Timeless Love Collection! These couple watches are your partners in crime for the big day, adding a touch of charm to your ensemble.

The collection also serves as your go-to option for a wedding gift that’s as cool as the couple wearing it. Because these watches aren’t just a symbol of enduring bonds, they’re a promise to turn every second into a cherished memory on this incredible journey together!

Top picks from this range:

MTP-SN1D-2A – INR 2995/-

LTP-SN1D-2A – INR 2995/-

MTP-SN1SR-1A – INR 3295/-

LTP-SN1SR-1A – INR 3295/-

The Wedding Squad Collection

Elevate your style for the wedding celebrations of your special someone with the Wedding Squad range. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a groomsman, this range offers stylish timepieces to complement your vibrant ensembles while dancing the night away and creating epic memories.

Top picks from this range:


MTP-VD200G-1BUDF – INR 5995/-

MTP-VT01GL-3BUDF – INR 3995/-


LTP-E413MR-9ADF – INR 6995/-

LTP-E154MPG-4ADF – INR 7995/-

Grab the timepieces at your nearest Casio stores or at the website below: