Surf Excel keen on Fulfilling Wishes


It is very tough to find a human being without any wishes. Every person at some point of time in his/her life would have thought of going to Fontana di Trevi- the world- famous wishing fountain situated in Rome. Also, would have imagined flipping a coin into the gushing waters in the fountain wishing to meet Shah Rukh Khan. If not everyone, there are at least chances that some of them would have done this.

Surf Excel now, is taking an initiative to fulfill wishes through its Facebook campaign. The campaign “Fulfill a Wish” stands for a social cause. It is launched to fulfill the wishes of poor and disadvantaged children. There are a number of under privileged children in the society and Surf is giving an honest call to its privileged customers to fulfill tiny wishes of kids.

The  Surf Excel campaign is in tie up with International Justice Mission and India Guide Star, which is a complete online directory containing databases of all NGOs in the country. This will also help users to reach the children in need faster through these NGOs.

The users are supposed to visit the Facebook page, enter the form containing their details. The users can find a number of wishes like colorful teddy, pink and blue salwar kameez, soft toys, lunch box, bags etc. The users can click on the wish they like to fulfill and know more details about it. One can also take a note on the details of NGO. The users can also invite friends to join the social cause.

The Vice-President and Category head, Laundry, Surf Excel, Ms. Priya Nair, noted that this campaign is another initiative by Surf similar to the brand’s expression “Dirt is for Good”. Social Media fire is spreading rapidly and Surf has chosen the right path to promote a social cause. “Daag Achhe hain aur social service bhi achi hai” this is what we can say for Surf.







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