Survey reveals the Pandemic increased Social Media users

London, United KIngdom- September 24, 2013: Social media logos printed onto handmade cubes. photographed in a studio. Social media uses web and mobile technology to connect people

According to a survey released by, a parenting platform WhatsApp has emerged as the most used social media app used by more than 50% of moms across India. The survey was released as a part of a study titled ‘The Digital Usage of the Indian Mom – 2021 Survey’.

The survey was conducted online during the pandemic year of 2020-2021. The survey assessed 2000 mothers between the ages of 24 to 45 during the year 2021. The study during the second year highlights the Internet usage of mothers from when they are starting a family to having kids. As per the record, more than 650 million Indians were reported to have been introduced to the Internet in 2020, and this report helps break down the Indian moms’ Internet usage habits’.

‘How to keep kids busy’ scored the most searched topic during the pandemic by Indian mothers. Common pandemic queries like blue-light-blocking glasses for kids, improving the family’s mental health were also searched by parents. Moms also searched for easy and nutritious recipes for children. Additionally, it seems that moms not only need help with their babies but also their teens and tweens. Immunity & Health emerged as one of the top concerns of Indian moms during the pandemic as well as the second most searched topic online.

Some of the report’s key observations are ; younger consumers most heavily feel social media’s impact on mental well-being. While many older moms still use Facebook based on a weekly analysis, it falls significantly behind Instagram, not in popularity but aspiration. If brands want their audience to know something, they should wrap exciting, memorable content around that something they want customers attention. Brands need to share ‘use case’ scenarios with their audience through influencers to introduce new products. When content and commerce collide – data shows that parents who follow a platform/ website/ influencer are ‘13% more likely to buy the product’ versus if they haven’t been recommended by an expert/ platform/ trusted source. with the hit of pandemic moms need help from Google & parenting websites, not just when they start, but in their second phase of parenting too, when making choices for their tweens and teens. Peer recommendations and trusted information matters the most.

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