Sustainable Christmas


SOCIAL has partnered with Metal Head Studio founder Tyrell Valladares to create an unprecedented New Year’s vibe to reinforce its commitment to green and green initiatives by creating an iconic, permanent chain of cafes and bars.

An extraordinary artist and sculptor known for his scrap metalwork, Tyrell uses his creative vision to create mixed art installations previously seen on the steps of Mount Mary and Bandra Art Projects.

This Christmas season, SOCIAL Outposts across the country are decorated to convey the spirit of the season with recycled and recycled elements for a truly sustainable holiday season.

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is the fragility of the world around us. Today, more than ever, being aware of our surroundings is essential. Any future built on this driving force for the Impresario Handmade restaurant is inextricably linked with sustainability.

To kick off the best time of the year, SOCIAL’s partnership with Tyrell Valladares is creating an astonishing result, setting up outposts in seven cities across the country.

This December, Tyrell celebrates the best of recycling and recycling, boosting the Christmas spirit at SOCIAL with decorations made of paper mesh and newspapers. Oatmeal, gift boxes, stars, holly, and even stockings from old newspapers will hang on your outpost. SOCIAL #eats and #drnks elevate the mood of the limited-edition menu from the brands Slay All Way.

Regarding the partnership, Alexandre Valladares, Marketing Director of Impresario Handmade Restaurant, said: Towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future has always been our goal. Merry Christmas this year, we decided to keep the conversation going and let the outpost talk. The decorations are a refreshing interpretation of Christmas that sheds light on the future we want to build with the New Year. Celebrations continue, limited-edition food and cocktails are in full swing, and SOCIAL is committed to making this Christmas sustainable and wonderful.”

Tyrell Valladares started in 2012 as a metal painter and sculptor. Metal Head Studio was born out of a vision to create a platform where all forms of art can be expressed, exploring limitless possibilities.

With a passion for recycling, recycling materials, and creating installations from scrap metal, Tyrell Valladares has previously worked with Mount Mary Staircase Conversion, Art Project Bandra, and more.

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