Panasonic India announces sustainable business solutions


Panasonic India, a leading diversified technology business, said today that its Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) and Digital SignEdge 2.0 products have been expanded.

These cutting-edge, tech-enabled display solutions were created to help retailers and businesses improve operational efficiencies while also advancing the sustainability agenda.

Retailers will have more control over real-time pricing with the sophisticated, improved ESL Solution, which will also increase service and store operations efficiency.

Retailers might achieve higher efficiencies with automated operation modules, lower substantial raw material and service costs by replacing paper with digital technology and make it an ecologically pleasant and sustainable practice by using ESL.

“Shopping patterns have changed tremendously in the post-pandemic period,” said Mr. Vijay Wadhawan, Director, Panasonic India’s Systems Solutions Division, at the launch. Consumers are looking for contactless, tech-enabled, and interactive solutions as they grow more technologically sophisticated.

As a result, businesses are seeking innovative ways to communicate directly with customers while keeping them engaged in stores. In order to help retailers and digital screen owners better their overall customer experience and drive sales, Panasonic has upgraded its ESL and Digital SignEdge 2.0 systems.

Retailers, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), and vehicle industries, to mention a few, have already shown the effectiveness of these advanced, interactive display solutions.

Furthermore, these display solutions have resulted in a significant reduction in paper use, allowing businesses to boost operational efficiency and profit margins while ensuring long-term viability.”

Panasonic goods are designed to improve people’s lives while also improving society. ESL, for example, was created with the goal of contributing to India’s ‘Future of Retailing.’ ESL will aid in strengthening the store’s brand image and implementing immediate adjustments.

Under bright lighting, the ESL display ensures exceptional energy economy, paper-like readability, and reflective technology characteristics. ESL’s most recent version is an end-to-end solution for huge retail chains all around the country.

Panasonic’s Digital SignEdge (SDN) is an end-to-end Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising solution that gives retailers and owners of digital screens a new platform to sell their digital ad space to a bigger audience in a flexible, regulated, and cost-effective way.

Panasonic’s India Innovation Centre (IIC) developed the SDN solution to help digital screen retailers and owners reach out to advertisers for real-time DOOH space sales via an online platform, expanding their reach to advertisers in multiple locations, taking advantage of dynamic pricing, and profiting from measurement metrics based on advertisement slot sales.

SDN 2.0 has an integrated ad platform that allows companies to earn more money via advertising. These technologies provide complete customer privacy while still providing a competitive advantage to businesses.

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