Relationship between brands and customers amidst Covid-19: The role of digital technology

  • With the extended lockdown period, brands and business-facing a decrease in their revenue come up with new steps to connect their customers.
  • The role of digital technology is imperative in businesses to engage their customers
  • Effective communication with customers in their native language can help connect with them emotionally

With the rising pandemic situation of Covid-19, businesses and brands are struggling to engage their global customers and get back to normal life. Businesses and brands are not even able to think about their future when the present scenario is unfavorable for them. Brands are looking forward to getting into the minds of customers who are thinking currently about their loved ones, balancing their job and social life. The thoughts of people about this uncertainty is used by the brands to establish themselves once again among people.

Digital technology plays a vital role in this. Many companies use digital technologies to connect with their customers, make employees work at home which could be impossible 20 years ago. Many brands are engaging their customers and maintain their spirit by launching campaigns. Say for example Royal Enfield’s trip story campaign, L’Oréal’s #LoveIsInTheHair campaign, etc. Brands are also encouraging their customers in online shopping and many brands make use of their websites and Social media platforms to sell their products and services amidst Covid-19. With the increased digital marketing of the brands, you must make ensure the quality of the services and information you provide to the customers, rather than just pushing promotion.

People always stay connected with loyal and trustworthy brands; thus, you must make them feel you are aware of their struggle in this situation and are ready to help them fight it. It is also important to note that effective communication can move your customer deeply especially if its in their own language and culturally driven. Many companies also make use of artificial intelligence powered personalization to give their customers personal experience. Personalized experience with the customers can lead to a healthy long-term relationship with them. There is a bright future ahead for the companies if the technology is used wisely.


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