George Floyd case highlights the exceptional unity of brands to stand against racism


Amidst Covid-19, there is an increase in the campaigns and promotional ads launched by brands to connect with customers. These few months see the demand for only in the essential items including casual footwear, groceries, fruits, etc. leading to a decrease in the revenue for many businesses and brands. But brands are still connecting with the communities giving insights to their emotional relationship with customers.

Brands like Nike, Netflix, Adidas, etc. came forward to show their connection to the human emotions by standing up against racism recently after the death of unarmed black men George Floyd by the US police officers. Nike asked their customers not to act like there is no issue in America and be a part of the change by their ad “For once, Don’t Do It”. The sixty-second ad was launched last Friday that aimed at joining the protest against police brutality spread across the United States. The brand asks customers to say no to racism and never accept the death of innocent people in the name of colour.

The incident happened last week where George Floyd, an African American was killed by a police officer by pressing his knees between George’s neck for approximately nine minutes. Even the Adidas, one of the main competitors of Nike retweeted the video showing their support against this cruel incidence which should never happen again in human history. And the ad was welcomed by the people with 425,000 views on Nike’s YouTube channel along with 2,000,000 likes and 90,000 retweets. Netflix also stood up for the protest by supporting the video of Nike and responding that “To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter.” Everyone must make use of this platform to be with the valuable life of blacks, help them enjoy equality, and live their life peacefully. Amazon stands in solidarity with the black community and they expressed their respect and care for their customers, employees, and partners of black community. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai responded to this incident that they will always be there to support the communities who feel alone with their tragic situations.

It was quite good to see all the brands coming forward with their strong words and action against injustice and system racism.


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