#LoveIsInTheHair campaign of L’Oréal to excite clients and hairstylists


Warm welcome for the #LoveIsInTheHair campaign of L’Oréal India by the hairstylist and their clients. Most celebrated hairdressers like Ambika Pillai, Akshata Honawar etc., shared their appreciation and support for the campaign.

Amidst Covid-19, L’Oréal India’s Professional Products Division announced the launch of their solidarity campaign #LoveIsInTheHair to engage their consumers and hairstylists to express their feelings towards the brand and the communities shared interest. This campaign is to give insights to the consumers that their relationship with the salon and the hairdressers do not end up within the salon. The campaign had taken an exceptional move to thank the entire hairstylist and make them realize how much their clients value them.

The most celebrated hairdressers like Sumit Israni, Vipul Chudasama, Ambika Pillai, Akshata Honawar, Jawed Habib, Loic Chapoix, and many others expressed their happiness, experiences, and relationship with their clients through the campaign. Lisa Haydon, actress, and model who is a part of this campaign, responded to the launch that perfect hair plays an important part for her while she is in front of the camera. Lisa Haydon expresses how much care she is to maintain her hair as for her it is the way of expressing herself, to feel confident, and strong in front of the camera. A hairstylist must not only be an expert in their job but also in their attitude and easiness to deal with the needs of the clients. The film actress also requires hairstylists to be someone who gets along in the film site for months. They consider this long-term relationship with the hairstylist as friendship more than just client-hairdresser relations.

The director of the L’Oréal professional product division said that this campaign also aims at engaging the customers who had lost their connection with the salon during the extended lockdown period. Through this campaign, the clients and hairdressers themselves get an insight into the valuable relationship they hold to each other. It will further help them convey their needs easily. L’Oréal is known to treat their partners satisfying all their needs with exceptional quality of products and services and advocate for the industry with more than 110 years of professional beauty heritage. The campaign with the hairdressers and stylist expressing their love with each other invite their customers to share their experiences.


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