Swaarm MMP launched: The industry’s first one-stop attribution and marketing analytics platform that provides transparent and privacy-focused martech tracking

Swaarm MMP launched: The industry’s first one-stop attribution and marketing analytics platform
Swaarm MMP launched: The industry’s first one-stop attribution and marketing analytics platform that provides transparent and privacy-focused martech tracking

The industry’s first complete all-in-one automated solution empowering mobile marketers to scale their apps; offers them complete control over user insights and partner management

India, 19 September 2023: Swaarm, a leading global performance-based marketing platform, announced the expansion of its products suite with the  launch of ‘Swaarm MMP’a one-stop attribution and marketing analytics platform that provides a transparent and privacy-focused tracking solution for advertisers to manage partners, attribute users, and gain data-driven insights through automation for optimal decision-making and scalability.

As a next-generation platform, Swaarm MMP is the first of its kind all-in-one platform enabling mobile marketers  to attribute users, measure and grow their apps, manage partners, and gain full insights into real consumer behavior. Powered by Swaarm’s highest level of automation, it ultimately allows them to make data-driven actionable decisions and scale their apps at the most affordable price point. 

Swaarm MMP: Cutting-edge technology at marketers’ fingertips

  1. It allows marketers everything that they’d need, to manage their partners directly from one measurement platform without the involvement of a third-party solution. They can not only easily manage their partner’s campaigns, access, payouts, and budgets but also optimize campaigns and in accordance adjust partner payouts and budgets. Additionally marketers can undertake comparative evaluation of paid marketing KPIs to organic metrics; track partner payments and communicate with them directly via a single platform.
  2. As the industry first, Swaarm MMP’s codeless event tracking allows marketers to monitor any action in the app with a click of a button. This in turn enables a brand’s product and tech teams to focus on creating the best version of their app as against spending time on non-essential integrations.
  3. The platform allows marketers to maximize campaign success with its transparent tracking technology. They can track events and analyze pertinent data thereby unlocking valuable insights for effective decision-making. Additionally, they can make use of advanced and transparent fraud detection technology that can be tailored to their domain and use case. 
  4. It is the most affordable MMP offering in the market resting on Swaarm’s proprietary infrastructure built from the ground up.

Swaarm’s MMP can be used across all geographies, all app verticals and with all kinds of partners from social, search to affiliate. Swaarm can help app developers benchmark their paid user acquisition efforts against their organic growth and accordingly and automatically take action to optimize the paid campaigns. Swaarm MMP is designed and engineered to cover all the needs of app developers from measurement to analytics, from reporting to optimizing and at the same time making the integration a breeze.

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-founder and CEO of Swaarm, says “Given the acute growth in the App market in the past years and the projected annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~12% in India alone, there is a rising need for platforms that can help app marketers grow their user base, understand their user journeys and unlock valuable insights from this data. Swaarm’s MMP platform provides a one stop solution for app developers and marketers to help achieve all this and more, while keeping our core values of privacy, transparency and automation at heart”

Alexandru Dumitru, CTO & Co-founder further adds,Swaarm’s MMP platform offers the first real-time code-less tracking solution for app companies, combining attribution and product analytics in a state of the art SaaS platform. User Acquisition and Product specialists will be able to measure the impact of their actions in real time without relying on the slow process of updating the app in the store thereby making small to medium companies more competitive in the app market”.

Swaarm led the mobile advertising industry by introducing the Advanced Privacy Suite (APS), the industry’s first complete solution that helps navigating privacy without sacrificing performance measurement and advertising functionality, iOS 14-compliant attribution chain methodology, Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain). The company launched “Explorer,” an analytics tool that gives marketers requisite insights to enhance the efficiency of their operations.