Tagbin Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions at North Tech Symposium 2023

Tagbin Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions at North Tech Symposium 2023
Tagbin Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions at North Tech Symposium 2023

Delhi, 13th September 2023 : Tagbin, a trailblazer in emerging technologies, showcases an array of innovative solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Language at the North Tech Symposium 2023. With an aim to demonstrate the practical applications of these technologies to the Indian Army, addressing the unique challenges they encounter. The symposium, fostering collaboration among the Indian Army, academia, and industries, is taking place at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu from September 11th to 13th.

Recognizing the distinct operational and logistical challenges faced by the Northern Command, Tagbin has meticulously crafted a diverse range of solutions tailored to assist the Indian Army in preparing for severe climatic and terrain conditions. Their offerings encompass Interactive Tables with 3D maps for tactical mission planning, terrain analysis, situation awareness, collaborative planning, and training and briefings. Additionally, Tagbin’s VR training simulators enable soldiers to simulate realistic combat scenarios and practice tactical manoeuvres. AR-based military training aids in equipment maintenance and operation and troubleshooting guidance. The suite of smart surveillance tools, including AI-enabled Automatic Number Plate Detection (ANPD) and real-time Facial Recognition System( FRS) enhances personnel identification and threat detection. Tagbin’s military driving simulators further elevate driver skills, threat awareness, and high-stress scenario training to improve drivers’ competence.

The North Tech Symposium 2023 is poised to welcome a distinguished assembly of dignitaries, including Shri Rajnath Singh, Minister of Defence of India; Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State for Science and Technology Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy, and Space; Shri Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir; Brigadier B. D. Mishra, Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, alongside a diverse spectrum of esteemed attendees from New Delhi, private sector entities, promising startups, DPSUs, distinguished R&D organizations, and prestigious academic institutions.

“Our hearts resonate with the profound challenges our military faces, the sacrifices they make, and the burdens they bear. We understand that at the core of every innovation lies a deep-seated responsibility – a responsibility to transform these challenges into opportunities by devising smart solutions to enhance decision-making, fortify combat training and surveillance ”, spoke Saurav Bhaik, Founder and CEO of Tagbin. He further added, “At Tagbin, we’re honoured to be part of this journey, where innovation isn’t just a choice; it’s a calling to ensure that our heroes have the best tools at their disposal. These solutions are not just products; they are a promise. A promise to provide our armed forces with the tools they need to excel, to adapt, and to ensure a safer, more secure tomorrow.”

As Tagbin steps onto the stage of the North Tech Symposium 2023, it does so with a clear vision and a commitment to empowering our armed forces with emerging technology solutions. Tagbin’s core offerings seamlessly align with this year’s symposium theme, “Synergy in Research, Development, and Innovation for Modernisation of the Military ”, dedicated to shaping a future where technology not only enriches lives but also ensures the safety and security of our nation. The company’s commitment to innovation and steadfast pursuit of excellence resonates with the event’s mission of driving transformative change and enhancing military modernization efforts.


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