Talented delivers print, web experience for Cleartrip


Cleartrip’s latest print ad is a how-to guide for standing out this sale season without spending a lot on the front page. This print ad, created by Talented in collaboration with Web Dimension, encourages people to think outside their city, just by making better choices throughout the sale season.

When the newspapers are filled with a barrage of sale season ads screaming heavy discounts and price cuts, Cleartrip’s creative advertisement helps people rethink their spending approach and urges them to travel around the world instead of buying unnecessary items. But there’s one more surprise.

The highlight is a web app – ortraveloncleartrip.com – where consumers can scan any sale ad across all pages of a newspaper (or otherwise) to unlock a Cleartrip travel offer for the same budget. When scanned, the page displays offer on domestic and international flights, as well as 3-star hotels and premium stays.

“It’s sale season, and all the brands are competing for their share of the customer’s wallet,” said Kunal Dubey, CMO, Cleartrip, of the advertisement. Traveling is no exception. If people end up having more money in their bank by not splurging this season, they’ll automatically have money to book their next trip. Ecomm shopping is spontaneous. Booking trips are not. We aim to create a behavioral change in which people begin to consider which trips they will miss this year if they continue to buy for products.”

Pooja Manek, Shreya Arora, and Kaavya Shah, Creatives @Talented, and Yash Dugar, Brand Strategist @Talented, have spoken about their role in conceptualizing this campaign, saying, “The challenge for us wasn’t about thinking of a clutter-breaking print ad. We wanted to push ourselves to stay true to Cleartrip’s brief of capturing the ‘Share of Wallet’ this sale season. That’s when we came up with the web page innovation—a seamless hack to hijack all other ads in the newspaper and help consumers to rethink their spending. Making the right choice becomes easy when someone realizes they can go to Turkey for the price of a TV.”

“We got excited with the idea the day we heard it for the first time,” stated Kalpit Dwivedi, Creative Technologist at Web Dimension. And we knew it would be a labor of love with rigorous testing. To generate the user’s interest and excitement, we use artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms to provide a seamless experience. The User experience is simple and clean, despite the complex backend. With this actionable solution, we hope to inspire individuals to spend their money on travel.”

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