TAS Students Engage in an Informative meet with Firefighters, acquiring knowledge on Fire Safety

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TAS Students Engage in an Informative meet with Firefighters, acquiring knowledge on Fire Safety

– Firefighters demonstrated and educated students on dealing with fire

As part of their applied learning, senior KG students of The Academy School (TAS), Pune visited Hinjewadi Fire Station to meet the firefighters and get hands-on experience in fire safety. 

The children were educated on various types of fire extinguishers and were instructed on techniques to extinguish fires. Firefighters demonstrated different water hoses used in firefighting activity and also showed them fire engines. They witnessed how firefighters use their fire truck during emergency situations. The firefighters proceeded to exhibit the various tools employed by them, including a demonstration on the proper usage of a fire extinguisher.  At the fire station, students were exposed to different techniques for extinguishing the fire. They acquired knowledge about different types of fire extinguishers. The firefighters also showcased different water hoses employed in firefighting operations, as well as providing an overview of the different components of the fire engine. The children displayed great enthusiasm and posed numerous questions to the firefighters, who were pleasantly surprised by their inquisitive nature. Overall, this experience was both enjoyable and educational, allowing the children to establish a connection with their immediate surroundings.

Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS, spearheaded the initiative with the aim of instilling responsibility and community service in students’ foundational years. “Firefighters informed students about the emergency numbers they can remember to call in case of a fire. Students learned about important fire safety tips such as avoiding playing with electrical appliances or lighting matchsticks,” she said.

Dr. Maithili Tambe added that such visits enable students to develop essential life skills while creating lifelong impression. The whole point is to create well-rounded individuals who are aware and ready to tackle the future with confidence and compassion. All of this forms a part of holistic education,” she said.