Tata Consumer Products announces rollout of ‘Tata Soulfull’ brand name


Tata Consumer Products announces rollout of ‘Tata Soulfull’ brand name

  • The new branding brings the power of the Tata brand to the Soulfull portfolio and will further enhance its credentials and brand positioning

September 3rd 2021: Tata Consumer Products, the consumer products Company uniting the principal food and beverage interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella, announced the rollout of new branding for the Tata Soulfull product range, integrating the Tata logo into the branding. The product range is focused on the Health and Wellness food segment with a portfolio of millet-based products for kids and adults. With rich expertise in ancient millets like ragi, the brand has an innovative portfolio of products such as breakfast cereals, healthy snacks, muesli, and plant-based protein drinks.

The ‘Tata Soulfull’ logo will now be integrated into all touchpoints for the brand across online platforms, marketing collaterals and packaging.

Tata Consumer Soulfull Pvt Limited became a 100% subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products in February 2021. The integration was completed within 100 days of the acquisition.

Sunil D’Souza, Managing Director & CEO of Tata Consumer Products speaking about the new branding said, “The Tata Soulfull product range complements our existing portfolio of offerings, opens up opportunities in the fast-growing healthy snacking and mini meals segment and allows us to participate in newer consumption occasions. Health and wellness is a key consumer trend and Tata Soulfull is well positioned to cater to this. The rollout of the ‘Tata Soulfull’ brand marks an important milestone for us and will help combine the strengths of both brands in order to expand our market presence in this segment. “

Prashant Parameswaran, MD & CEO, Tata Consumer Soulfull said, “We are gearing up to take Tata Soulfull to the next level, considering the growth opportunities in the segment. We are confident that the power of the Tata brand combined with Tata Consumer’s sales & distribution network will help us further unlock the potential of the Soulfull brand. The ‘Tata Soulfull’ branding will enhance the brand’s credibility and make health more accessible and mainstream while retaining its vibrancy.  This will help us further our purpose of making ancient millets relevant for the 21st century and make our offerings available to many more consumers across India. “

Tata Soulfull currently offers a range of healthy snacks and breakfast cereals like Ragi Bites and Millet Muesli, as well as plant based protein drinks like Smoothix. For more information visit http://www.tatasoulfull.com