Tata Motors launches new campaign “India Ki Doosri Diwali”


India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors decided to make this Diwali special to their customers by announcing the commencement of the ‘India Ki Doosri Diwali’ campaign so that they can extend the celebration even more. Tata Motor launched the campaign to spread the festival joy even after Diwali, they might have been in high inspiring mood due to well run in last year. The customer of Small Commercial vehicles (SCV) and those from pick-up range Tata Ace, Tata Yodha, and Tata Intra, all of these customers will receive an assured gift through a lucky draw and also with customer offer.

The big offer includes gifts ranging from gold vouchers up to 5 lakhs to LED TV, Washing Machines, fuel vouchers, and mobile phones. The offer is valid till 30th November 2020. Rajesh Kaul the vice president of sales and marketing of the Commercial Vehicles Business Unit in Tata Motors had commented that Tata Motor always works in a way to satisfy the customer since they decided customer is their number one priority, it is what their legacy was made of.

The high benefit with the Unique ‘power of 6’ proposition is the testament of their promise to their customers. They commented that they would always strive to sell the best quality products and give service experience to their industry. Their continuous struggle to promote entrepreneurship and increase in growth of the business. The ‘India Ki Doosri Diwali’ campaign had a great view last year Diwali so they decided to bring the campaign back to live up to the festival. Which also indicates that they are the company who would continuously entertain their customer.

Tata Motors consistently working hard to become a better commercial vehicle manufacturer and at the same time maintaining a friendly relation with their customers. They have also planned to promote the campaign they brought up this Diwali by the use of radio, print, and digital platforms. Just like last year this year’s campaign was also enjoyed by customers. By doing this they have attained both the objective of livening up the festival and realizing the customer about the effectiveness and the importance of Tata Motors.


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