Whistle Launches Country’s First Pin-Code Feature In Messaging Marketing


The whistle is a smart mobile marketing panel (2019) that had been innovated with well comprehended learning from the evolution of mobile marketing over these decades. This is developed through advanced AI technology and machine learning. The company’s clear analytics and insight distinguishes it from the rest of the service providers in the industry.

Whistle, the mobile marketing startup, has recently introduced the country’s first pin-code feature in messaging marketing which can help business owners to tap potential customers. The artificial intelligence-powered feature enables its users to generate their data set at the pin code level, themselves, for their messaging marketing campaigns.

It further enhances the targeted messaging service by removing those who are not interested in the campaigns. This process alone would reduce the advertiser’s cost by at least 60 percent.

The startup offers a new technologically advanced and user-friendly self-service global marketing platform where the users can run custom build messaging campaigns all by themselves in just a few taps… The campaign progress can be monitored by anyone easily and can bring out insights on the platform.

Satya Kiran, the CEO of Whistle, commented that most of the businesses had been severely impacted by the covid 19 pandemic and its induced lockdown across the country. Small size firms, local entrepreneurs, and shop keepers are especially struggling to stay buoyant.

 He further adds that Whistle aims to empower and support these enterprises digitally through the MarTech which would help them overcome such obstacles and raise their businesses by introducing them to the marketing technology tools that are available at a very reasonable cost.

The mobile messaging service that is available on the Whistle’s smart portal, enables its users to stimulate buying interest among the customers through various promotions (like deals, discounts & Diwali bumper offers), introducing new goods & products, providing home delivery services, special opening hours during occasions and festivals, etc.

Through these MarTech innovations, Whistle had introduced and made messaging marketing simple and accessible to all. All business owners can now promote their services and offerings directly to their potential customers, at an affordable price and thus ensuring growth. 


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