Group Nine’s new Swipe.Shope platform attracts Gap, H&M, and many small and medium businesses to open mobile storefronts


Group Nine new Swipe.Shop platform started exploring by companies like Gap, corona, E.I.F cosmetic, H&M, and Kohl. According to an announcement the Swip.Shop digital publisher’s mobile commerce experience is available in its NowThis, Thrillist, and Seeker websites.

A company like Gap, corona, E.I.F cosmetic, H&M, and kohl was facing the trouble made by the covid-19 pandemic. Entering into digital form is the best way to cope up with the damage made by the pandemic. Countries all over the world have been facing the covid-19 pandemic issue for almost one year now. The new normal of the world will be entirely different from the old one. Initially, the companies will be facing trouble and problems to come up with the idea. The current online market giants such as Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart has been playing a key role.

Group Nine has come up with a new and supportive idea towards the small and medium enterprises. They are the ones who are really affected badly due to the covid-19 pandemic, huge companies have relevant funding so it won’t affect them too badly, but the case is different with small and medium businesses. Thus the Group Nine has come up by pledging that half of all products featured in Swipe.Shop will be from small business owners. Group Nine has pledged to provide 20 Million impressions worth of free advertising space to 10 small businesses, 15% of products featured will be reserved for Black-owned businesses.

The active customers of major brands such as Gap, corona, E.I.F cosmetic, H&M, and Kohl have started looking for online platforms to avoid brick-and-mortar stores during the health crisis.

Group Nine’s mobile storefront includes small and Black-owned businesses by featuring their wares in its new Swipe.Shop experience. Small and Medium are more likely to feel the negative effect of the pandemic as customers the number of customers coming to physical stores and switching to the new normal mode of being in an online platform.

According to a salesforce survey, said, “37% of the adult says that they are more connected with the mobile-based shopping than they were last year, amid covid-19 pandemic”.


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