Tide uses the same ideas and same methods as Ariel for selling PODs


The official announcement was made by Ariel that it was bringing its laundry POD products to India last week. The company had tweeted about the arrival through the photos of the product on Oct 31st. Tide PODs are only available on e-commerce just like Ariel PODs. Just like every other detergent product Tide also claim whiteness, brightness, and 100% stain removal.

It had been pointed out from the viewers that Tide marketing messages on social and imaginary are somewhat similar to the creative idea which was found by Ariel which they have been using on their social media channel. Tide also started to run a social media campaign with influencers to bring about a sense of familiarity and understand of the product to the customers.

Independent brand marketing consultant Nisha Sampath points out that how the brand is claiming to do the business for the convenience of the customer at the same time quite back-breaking category. She also adds that the Tide PODs could cannibalize Ariel PODs if it’s at a lower price level. Nisha Sampath said it is difficult to differentiate between the two brands but Ariel could be a more credible option since they have the premium pricing and image. Nisha Sampath has worked with brands like Hindustan Unilever, Swiggy, Aditya Birla Group, GVK Group, BookMyShow, and Piramal Healthcare. She adds that their many new-age consumers and millennials who seek convenience.

Nisha Sampath makes a point that COVID-19 might be the best time to target and convince people to buy the products since they would do their chores in the absence of household help in the time of this pandemic. People of India would tend to overload the washing machines which directly indicates that the sale of clothes is very high in India. They would normally buy the detergents based on their quantity and their quality and use less of quantity each time to use it for more periods in time. She added that marketing-wise the first thing that has to be done is to establish a price-value equation. She also points out that there is no price-value equation for the PODs.  


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