Tata Steel introduces GreenPro certified rebar Tata Tiscon 550SD


Tata Tiscon, India’s first GreenPro Certified rebar brand, has introduced the ‘Tata Tiscon 550SD (Super Ductile)’, a new and superior rebar.

From Fe 415 to Fe 500D to Super Ductile rebars and now 550SD, the brand has been at the forefront of product development.

The new GreenPro-labeled eco-friendly rebar is the latest step in rebar technology, providing increased safety and strength while saving money for customers.

Tata Steel has launched the ‘Ab hai Zyada Ki Baari’ product campaign for the Tata Tiscon 550SD as a homage to all Indian residents who are active in-house construction and deserve ‘Zyada’ (more) in life.

The campaign tackles the concerns of ordinary Indian home builders, who work tirelessly to create that one significant investment in their lives: a dream home. Tata Steel has recognised this core consumer angst and has endeavoured to make the home-building process enjoyable and convenient for consumers.

The new Tiscon rebar, which is driven by innovation and quality, has the strength of higher-grade steel and the best ductility in its class. The rebars can readily support a greater load without causing structural damage.

It saves customers up to 6% on steel by reducing the amount of steel used in designs created with the product.

Tiscon 550SD promises stronger and more flexible rebar for the construction industry, thanks to an enhanced blend of carbon, sulphur, phosphorous, and other ferro alloying ingredients, as well as post-rolling treatment.

“Through Tata Tiscon, we aspire to give our discerning customers high-grade quality and eco-friendly rebars,” Pasupuleti Anand, Chief Commercial Officer (Long Products), Tata Steel, stated.

Tata Tiscon 550SD, a new generation steel rebar, is part of the company’s portfolio-building strategy aimed at assisting end-users in making well-informed decisions.

Strong homes are produced with strong intents, unshakable efforts, and unrivalled building materials, and Tiscon 550SSD is a ground-breaking product designed to bring relief to consumers who want to build safe homes.”

The brand is working to educate and enable the ecosystem on how to use the new product properly.

The GreenPro label on the rebar will encourage end-users to make well-informed decisions while also raising awareness of sustainable manufacturing methods.

Tata Tiscon 550SD was designed and created with an average Indian home builder in mind, believing in the concept of delivering ‘more.’ The product is designed to meet all three criteria: strength, safety, and long-term viability.

Tata Tiscon is the most trusted rebar in the country, having been used in the construction of over 5 lakh homes per year. Tiscon 550SD is a research-and-development-driven innovation that not only saves the environment but also provides customers with a high-quality product.

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