TBWA India – An Anthem, A challenge, and A Campaign


A movement to encourage India to take up the 21-day Eat the Plant challenge was initiated by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO). With a Baba Sehgal original track raking up the views and seeding the post – Plant Khao World Nahi – the movement conceptualized by TBWAIndia broke online. ‘Eat the Plant Not the World’ is accompanied by an animated anthem. A foot-tapping song is sung and written by the Acapella band Voctronica, alongside the band members, showcasing a quirky cast of super veggies. A multimedia extravaganza, an unforgettable track, a message in a style that entertains the need for the hour delivered, this campaign ticks all the boxes. And it comes at a time when the burning focus of conversation at any other dining table is the animal-to-human transmission of viruses. In partnership with TBWAIndia, FIAPO’s initiative highlights how easy it is to do our bit to turn things around for the world by embracing a lifestyle focused on plants.

 A series of influencer videos with the Eat to Donate call to action is up next. The videos show influencers make a gift to cure planet earth by gorging on delicacies based on their favorite plant. Following that is a collection of unreal recipes available only on the Instagram handle of FIAPO with Unreal Discounts. Parixit Bhattacharya who is the Chief Creative Officer of TBWA India said that our food preferences are hard-coded for us and maybe one of the most important things to do is to crack them. Yet, somehow, we must make a start. That’s where the nutritional challenge of 21 days focused on plants comes in. They built a tongue in cheek platform Eat the Plant Not The Planet to put the challenge as a fun one. To produce the album, they got Voctronica and produced a nice animation meets acapella film. They have had Baba Sehgal create a song and video of his own based on our notion. And, the anthem will be accompanied by a few more social activations.

Adding to that, Govind Pandey who is the CEO of TBWAIndia said that not only is ‘eating the plant, not the planet’ an admirable endeavor, but it can also be used as a motivational initiative to encourage personal wellbeing and well-being. The more individuals take up the 21-day challenge, He is optimistic that they will have a positive effect on their own well-being. Varda Mehrotra who is the Executive Director at FIAPO said that they have all recognized that diets based on plants are healthier for our wellbeing, for the earth, and animals. Now they need to concentrate on improving our immunity with COVID 19 and keeping away from animal foods that can cause zoonotic diseases, significant harm to the environment and are incredibly cruel to animals. Doctors have already told them this, and now they are glad that, at such a critical moment, some of India’s biggest celebrities and artistic minds are lending their voices to advocate this change.

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