TE Connectivity donates medical equipment to enhance the blood bank infrastructure at Bangalore Medical Services Trust

TE Connectivity donates medical equipment
TE Connectivity donates medical equipment to enhance the blood bank infrastructure at Bangalore Medical Services Trust

Bangalore, India June 7, 2023TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectors and sensors, is supporting the operations at Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) by donating medical equipment to boost its blood bank infrastructure. 

Vishwanath S, Managing Director & GM – TE India asserts the importance of choosing BMST as their CSR Partner. He said “During Covid we partnered with organisations and distributed essential equipment like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and surgical masks. We realized, there is a need and a potential to work with healthcare industry to help the community. BMST’s legacy of excellence, comprehensive healthcare initiatives, and blood donation drives made it a compelling choice for us to support accessible and affordable healthcare for the community.”

The donated medical equipment includes two blood bank refrigerators, a consumables refrigerator, and two HLA lab centrifuges. 

The blood bank refrigerator is specifically designed to store and preserve blood products at optimal temperatures. Its advanced features, such as precise temperature control and ample storage capacity, ensure the safe storage of life-saving blood components, including red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. This equipment will significantly contribute to maintaining the integrity and availability of blood products, enabling the Blood Bank to serve patients in need. The consumables refrigerator will play a vital role in storing temperature-sensitive consumables and reagents essential for various laboratory tests and procedures. 

The HLA lab centrifuges will enhance the laboratory’s capacity to perform essential tests related to tissue matching for organ transplantation, aiding in the improvement of patient outcomes.

Dr. Latha Jagannathan, Medical Director & Managing Trustee, Bangalore Medical Services Trust “I am privileged towards TE Connectivity for not only supporting our cause but also taking a keen interest in understanding the work we do. Their CSR volunteers has been a regular visitor in our center. The CSR funding from TE Connectivity for refrigerators and lab centrifuges will improve our ability to provide blood banking and transplant testing services and it directly impacts more than 45,000 patients year–on–year. Thank you, TE for your support and we hope to have a continued relationship in the future and help us create a positive impact in the community.”