Tech professionals can follow these 7 most-funded AI start-ups


These are the top AI start-ups with the most investment, which tech professionals should keep an eye on in 2022.

Over time, AI has progressed to the point that it has surpassed practically every worldwide business. Artificial Intelligence has impacted every area of the tech and non-tech industries, from increasing consumer satisfaction to detecting novel treatments and improving the quality of research datasets.

It’s no surprise that investors and multinational corporations expect to support rising AI start-ups that are developing increasingly advanced tools and technologies that are affecting not just our professional lives but also our personal lives on a regular basis. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the most well-funded AI start-ups to watch in 2022 for investors and tech professionals.

Arther AI

Arther AI is a machine learning startup that specialises in model monitoring to manage machine learning pipelines, development, and production models. It’s an AI performance startup that helps businesses provide services to their maximum potential by optimising, explaining, and mitigating bias.


SoundHound is an artificial intelligence firm founded by a group of Stanford alumni. Developers and business owners may employ voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence to keep control of their businesses, thanks to the company’s superior AI technologies. The Houndify Voice Artificial Intelligence platform from SoundHound is the world’s fastest speech recognition and voice search assistant application.

Ai is a company that employs Artificial Intelligence technology to unlock human potential and solve tough issues. The startup uses artificial intelligence to build an enterprise platform that will assist sales, marketing, and customer support teams in providing the best possible customer service through revenue analysis.

AMP Robotics

AMP Robotics is reimagining and actively modernising the world’s recycling infrastructure by merging AI and robotics. The startup employs computer vision to process millions of data points in order to automatically sort recyclables such as plastic cans, cardboard, batteries, and other materials. Recycling solutions comply to the company’s technical and manufacturing standards, as well as its management philosophy.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is an RPA service provider that combines AI, machine learning, analytics, automation, and other technologies to provide cloud-native automation solutions and platforms. The company’s goal is to automate routine industrial processes so that tech specialists may devote their time to more important work.


AEye’s goal is to create solutions and application platforms that are built around artificial intelligence and adaptive LiDAR. It also employs Artificial Intelligence, as well as intelligent detection and ranging (lidar) technology, to assist manufacturers in the development of intelligent self-driving vehicles.


DarwinAI is a firm that specialises in explainable AI for the healthcare and manufacturing industries. The company is a leader in visual quality inspection using explainable AI technologies, which disclose the reasons for an AI tool’s or platform’s judgments.

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