Technology help lives during and after the pandemic


None of us is quite sure about the world easing back into normal after the pandemic. Pandemic sped up AI’s evolution, AI permeates all of our aspects in lives.

Organizations transform their data to harness its power. Despite AI offers organizations to get back on track after the pandemic and boost their business. Few are still challenging to exploit the benefits of AI in real-world scenarios.           

However, an inadequate infrastructure, limited easily accessible and organized data is holding many backs. An issue is that for a return, AI required to invest a product. Most organizations don’t have huge data pools where AI needs strong digital foundations and clean data to train on, DL  systems are not top of the enterprise agenda.

Organizations should not be put off by this.  Algorithms utilized by them to pull out meaningful conclusions from small data sets, AI holds in the so-called touchless economy.         

Chatbots help customers got the relevant information they need. On the ECM front, AI makes it much easier to pull together data and underscore actionable conclusions that can help to bolster the bottom line. It automates repetitive tasks so that employees concentrate on high projects.  Provide real-time insight into customers and how they take products.      

Estimation tells unstructured data are around 80% plus of the organization‘s data. Unstructured data is a minefield but not too complex to mine. Cognitive services, content analytics and NLP  have changed this. This has resulted in some very powerful tools. Take sentiment analysis, also referred to as opinion mining.

It is the interpretation and classification of emotions using AI on text data. These emotions can be positive, negative or neutral. Emotional analysis provides organizations with unprecedented insight into the way their customers think. 

Organizations got an accurate picture of customer feelings for their products and tailor services to customers with their needs. Intent analysis steps insight up a gear.Analyze the user’s intention behind a message, be it email or any other.

This information is invaluable in tracking a customer’s buying intent, particularly on big-ticket items, and understanding what is necessary to close a deal. That’s the gift given to the world after the pandemic by Technology. 

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