Going on the first date post-pandemic? Bumble is here to help you


The covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on all facets of an individual’s life, from personal activities to social interactions.

Dating life has been at a standstill during these times, but it is slowly gaining traction with the increase in the number of people who got the jab.

In this regard, a series of outdoor ads have been released by Bumble, a women-first social networking app. It has shown these ads across Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, encouraging people to go on that post-pandemic first date.

People from Mumbai are encouraged to find their mate, through the ad line “Mumbaikars, find your local on Bumble.” In Chennai, they used the line “Find a connection like ECR and Pondicherry”, referring to the opportunity to find their special someone.

Delhi users are reminded of those lonely cold winter nights, and this feeling is well used in the line “Find someone who gives you the warm fuzzies even in Delhi winters” to promote their services.

Samarpita Samaddar, India PR Director of Bumble India, said that the concept of a first date post-pandemic has changed from that in the pre-pandemic times. Their survey indicated 39% of single Indians as having tried the concept of video dating as their first date.

The research also pointed out that single people in India are hopeful about virtual and in-person dating, and are looking ahead to start a new year excitedly. “With our latest campaign, we aim to encourage our community to get ready to date and find their connections on Bumble” she added.

In addition, their survey among the young age groups found out that more than 33% of daters are hopeful about dating after the roll-out of vaccinations across India.

Bumble has been described as a ‘feminist dating app’, and has a huge base of users worldwide. It was launched in India in December 2018, and the user base has quadrupled since then.

It has the feature of ‘swipe left’ (indicates rejecting a candidate) and ‘swipe right’ (indicating interest), and the usage of these words has become slang among the youth. Bumble has swiped it right, having a total of 42 million active users.

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