The Age of bravery: Virtual produle announces the launch of Gurudharma


‘Gurudharma’ is inspired by brave women and heroes in Indian history. Players will feel more empowered like ancient heroes while receiving a wide variety of exciting challenges and rewards.

The story lets us discover the mysterious and celestial world that is familiar to all of us. The game is full of characters like soldiers, demons with special abilities and qualified for battle and defense. The world of games and stories is built to learn from our own stories and will help us explore that world.

Gurudharma is a unique Indian game within the MOBA genre that shall be launched in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English in both National and International Markets.

Ram Madhvani has built a successful track for himself in the world of media and film. After the national victory in the NEERJA film, he continued to collect accolades with his other projects including a web series titled AARYA with season 2 which has now started, and the Hindi film show of DHAMAKA under the RMF Banner. Moving forward to expand his platform of creation, Ram is now heading into the world of gaming with EQUINOX VIRTUAL.

Amita Madhvani: Add to her experience as an associate producer and co-producer in films like NEERJA, a web series titled AARYA with its latest season, two feature films DHAMAKA under RMF and DIVE with Sony films, she now claimed high to start her career in the sports industry, managing the project in the global arena with EQUINOX VIRTUAL.

Ram Madhvani says, “From a creative perspective GD is the first step in building the universe for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game- This universe will expand exponentially as we launch with more exciting virtual experiences.”

Amita Madhvani stated, “Continuous Learning and the pursuit of knowledge is the creation of Gurudharma and brings the universe of warriors and demons along with the connection with our Myths will reach out to all age groups……the game starts soon!”

Taking Gurudharma to the next level with his creativity and professionalism, our Ace Producer, Khvafar Vakharia – Quotes – ‘seeing and building the world of GuruDharma is a great pleasure for us. It’s a fun and entertaining way to explore ancient wisdom and ideas. We learn and get better.’

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