The B2B Effectiveness Code by Linkedin


Linkedin’s B2B institute along with WARC and LIONS has published the B2B Effectiveness Code. It is the most detailed and conclusive study on B2B Marketing.

Linkedin’s B2B institute is the think tank for  B2B marketing. It aims to build long term B2B branding through a creative approach.   

B2B institute partnered with WARC and LIONS for comprehensive marketing research.

James Hurman is the co-author of The Effectiveness Code. He rigorously and minutely examined 435 B2B case studies. 

These reports were provided by the WARC and Cannes Lion’s effectiveness database that were submitted between 2010 and 2021.

The B2B Effectiveness Code outlines the Creative Commitment principle and how B2B brands can create more efficient marketing.

The research also demonstrates that Creative Commitment, the composite measure of the media budget, duration, and a number of media channels that highly correlate with effectiveness, has declined in recent years.

B2B Creative Commitment has declined significantly over the last decade. On average, B2B campaigns are low on budget and run for shorter durations. The use of media channels is limited.

The research indicates that they focus on short and target marketing.

B2B campaigns have a lower creative commitment ratio than compared to B2C.

To reverse this decline and gain a competitive advantage like B2C. The report advises marketers to maximise Creative Commitment by producing larger, longer-term, and more broadly targeted B2B campaigns.

The B2B Effectiveness Ladder, which is a hierarchy of the six main types of effects that B2B marketing produces. Ranking from least to most commercially impactful and reflects the objectives and results that are more important to B2B marketing.

It is prepared to be used as a continuous improvement tool and enables the B2B marketing and advertising community to more easily identify and learn from B2B effectiveness best practices.

Creative content that is effective and continuous is a must for marketing.

The B2B Effectiveness Ladder incorporates different labels and qualities:

  • Response Trigger –  helps drive higher response and engagement for the campaign.
  • Lead Generator –  helps improve the value of the sales ecosystem.
  • Sale Closer –  helps produce short-term gains in sales or market share.
  • Fame Maker –  helps increase customers and media engagement.
  • Brand Builder – helps grow B2B brand equity.
  • Strategic Asset – helps in the long term growth of the brand.

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