The Beauty Co launches “TheItGirl” campaign


Beauty and skincare brand The Beauty Co has introduced a new anti-cyberbullying campaign focused on women, and the campaign is named “TheItGirl”. The company has collaborated with PR and influencer marketing company Glad U Came for the launch of the campaign. The campaign focuses to attract a few external factors on Instagram from different categories like travel, beauty, health, fashion, and lifestyle.

 The collaboration of both the Glad U Came and The Beauty co focuses on creating an online space for the youth where they can share their views and experiences about various topics and also find different ways to resolve the problems and help each other out. The campaign aims at observing the imaginary world on the digital platform that creates a different identity in the minds of the people.

The founder of The Beauty Co, Suraj Raj Vazirani stated that the society sets different standards on people on how they should look, and people are forced to change to those standards by trying to change themselves to those standards, it will change the outlook of the person towards themselves.

The society often reminds people that factors like the gender of a person, skin color, size, and sexual interest are related and important in creating an image of a person or shows what kind of individual they are by analyzing these factors and it’s up to every individual to break those standards and create their own.

Beauty brands have an influential role in developing stereotypes and that the company states that they are determined to fight against the odds and the company claims about changing the mindset of the people about setting standards and that everyone has the right to set their own standard and not according to what society says.

The founder of Glad U Came, Maddie Amrutkar, states that by collaborating with the brands that influence people easily, helps in creating an effective campaign that not only helps in creating more brand value and also helps in promoting the concept of the campaign. The campaign was launched to create awareness about the beauty and cyberbullying and its effect on an individual.