The Best 5 Crypto Exit Strategies Useful For 2022


As you are aware, it is critical to understand all of the benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrencies before investing in the crypto market. However, with a good entry plan, one must also understand when and how to quit the crypto market. 

So, here we have listed down the top five crypto exit strategy that you can utilise in 2022 and beyond.

Exit and sell at predetermined prices

For example, instead of selling your entire Bitcoin investment when it reaches $100,000, you may divide it into five pieces or as many portions as you desire. You can take one Bitcoin and divide it into five, each of which you can sell at a different price. You’ll be able to make more money this way.

Average out the costs in dollars

It is a good strategy for both purchasing cryptocurrency and exiting the market. You may establish a selling plan for a day, week, or month, and then a percentage you wish to sell, such as 10% each week, and you’ll be out of the market in ten weeks again with profit in hand.

Exit by return

Consider that you purchased Cardano when it was one dollar; at that time, you should have a broad notion of when you want to sell it. So, for example, you intended to leave when Cardano reached two dollars, sell half of your stake, and play with house money or some other strategy. It is critical to write down such techniques and stick to them to see good results.

Exit by cycle

Although it is one of the most common techniques, the four-year cycle is not guaranteed to be accurate. Many investors examine the cryptocurrency’s performance cycle before selling and taking gains while exiting the crypto market.

Exit by portfolio

Exit by portfolio or based on your financial objectives. This method depends on the individual’s aim. For example, suppose you’ve invested $10,000 in the cryptocurrency market and need $30,000 to buy something or pay your expenses. Even if prices continue to rise, it is best to quit the market when the currency reaches $30,000. This technique is not for everyone, but it is excellent for many.

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