‘Mommy Robots’: Will the future Robots be able to give birth to their own ‘Baby Robots’


The idea of a mechanical automaton birth to a toddler looks absurd. However, several of the technologies we tend to use nowadays began as outre ideas for one purpose or another. An automaton may be a machine that resembles somebody’s personality and is capable of autonomously replicating some human actions and activities.

Our understanding of mechanical machines can develop through time, from strictly mechanical devices to hybrid mechanical-organic contraptions, primarily alive machines, and pure artificial life forms, with the method of making machines being outdated by the method of growing them. AI is going to be phased get in favor of degrees of artificial intelligence, which can be followed by what several would consider a higher quite “genuine” intellect.

The Biorobotics Revolution Is close to Begin

The term “biot,” which suggests “biological automaton,” maybe a sensible adjective. many new disciplines area units bridging the gap between biology and artificial intelligence. information science, bionics, biomimicry, and artificial biology area unit solely many examples. 3D printers are going to be accustomed produce human tissue, stem cells, and even liquid cells during this situation. Bone, cartilage, muscle, teeth, organs, blood arteries, and even ears could also be written victimisation different 3D producing instrumentation.

Human biological research

With the biological research of Dolly, the sheep in 1996, the science of biological research became standard. many different animals, together with camels, dogs, deer, horses, monkeys, cows, frogs, rabbits, and plenty of others, are closed since then. There’s a distinction to be created between “natural clones” and “manufactured clones,” that appear as if identical twins in humans and different species.

Artificial uterus Technology

Emanuel linguist fictitious the primary artificial uterus in 1955, that was quite sixty years agone. Japanese researchers succeeded in nurturing goat babies in a very machine containing artificial waters for weeks within the mid-1990s. rock bottom fetal age for human embryos to survive has been pushed right down to but twenty-two weeks due to recent advances in infant medical aid. this is often solely regarding halfway through a typical 40-week gestation.

Childbearing Robots

With this fast summation of a number of the foremost recent developments, the thought of an automaton birth to a baby, whether or not a baby human or a baby automaton, now not looks thus far-fetched. dominant weather, gravity, and time have long been theoretical sciences that have progressed from fantasy to science realities, and also the notion of robots birth to robots is approaching identical purpose.

Victoria, created by Miami, FL-based Gaumard scientific and at first unveiled in 2014, is that the 1st automaton to allow birth to a toddler automaton. Victoria’s eyes will currently concentrate and interact along with her caregivers, permitting users to try and do a medicine analysis that appears for symptoms of a stroke, head trauma, drug use, nerve injury, and different disorders in her eye movements. most importantly, Victoria pushes the boundaries of labor and delivery education. currently, an automaton can also celebrate “mother’s day” and luxuriate in family relationships.

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