The Corona Era Student: Vedantu Partners with Airtel


One of the major sectors that have changed completely for the better during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic has to be the Education sector. With the schools and colleges completely shutting down all over the country in the wake of COVID-19, the market completely shifted towards digitization. Platforms like Byjus, Exramarks, Vedantu, and other education platforms raked in a huge amount of customers during the time. With such tight competition, each company tried different ways to capture the market while they can. Some companies even made their platforms completely free to be the early birds that capture the market.

With some state and central government agencies rolling out network channels that are dedicated to education, it was clear that the internet was not the only channel that students can be reached through. With the prices of most education platforms being high for the lower middle class and lower class families of India and some places not having adequate internet connections, some companies have identified the need for a lower-priced product that has a far reach.

This is the market gap that Vedantu aimed for when they decided to partner with Airtel and launch two new dedicated DTH channels. The new channels, called Vedantu Masterclasses, aims to use the large Airtel customer base and provide service to over seventeen million Airtel DTH customers at an affordable rate of Rs.4/day. Classes 6-10 will be covered on one channel while 11 and 12 will have a dedicated channel. Classes are planned to be in Hindi as well as English and will be delivered by the best in class faculty including graduates from IITs and IIMs. With a total of 260 million school going students in India, the company aims to capitalize on the need for a quality education channel.

Vedantu has stated that they will be providing eleven hours of fresh content daily along with a repeat telecast for those who missed their classes or want to revise it. They have also stated that there will be interactive classes where the students can respond using the TV remote.

The pandemic has only made a shift that was taking place in the education industry much faster with the EduTech industry being relatively new were are sure to see a large shift in the industry in the years to come.


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