The email open rate across all industries has decreased to 87%


Netcore Cloud, a reputable SaaS company and a global leader in customer interaction, communication, and retention, recently issued The Email Benchmark Report 2022.The study examines data from an analysis of quite 100 billion emails across 22 primary industries, including BFSI, retail and e-commerce, beauty, food, entertainment, and media. To assist marketers improve their email strategy in 2022, it discusses changes in email marketing and benchmark measures since the worldwide pandemic.

To engage with customers and switch them into brand advocates, email marketing has emerged in concert of the foremost reliable platforms. However, the world pandemic and also the difficulties it brought with it have ushered during a new era of email marketing that has seen enormous advancements in interactivity, privacy, and multimedia. Netcore Cloud has published the second edition of its Email Benchmark Report for 2022 in response to the incredible reaction to its first edition and also the growing importance of email in contemporary marketing.

According to Chris Higgins, Senior VP of Marketing at Netcore Cloud, “Sunday is the worst day of the week to send a campaign, whereas Friday is the best day of the week for achieving high interaction on campaigns.”

What are the main conclusions of the 2022 E-mail Benchmark Report and what methodology was used?

The second edition of Netcore Cloud’s Email Benchmark Report analyses data from over 100 billion emails across 22 major industry verticals, including Banking, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Insurance. These emails span from Customer Engagement and skill (CEE) and Email API platforms by companies using email delivery, campaign management, and automation solutions. The engagement results are captured on the dashboards of those platforms to form them visible to our customers.

The inbox placement results are generated from proprietary in-house tools, which contain seed addresses to live the deliverability of the campaigns that were sent to customers globally. The report has been driven by the merchandise Marketing, Deliverability Experts, Data Analytics, and Developer teams of Netcore Cloud.

The report observes that email marketing remains one in every of the foremost trusted channels for marketers to attach and build loyalty with customers. to keep up with ever-changing customer behavior, the report discovers significant changes, as traditional email marketing transitions to more automated, segmented, data-driven campaigns focused on interactivity, privacy, and multimedia. More marketers are adopting AI to master the e-mail channel and make tailored customer experiences through their email marketing programs.

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