The “f-factor” of Packaging- the feel factor


A whole day of shopping may be a dream to many and nightmare for some. Shopping is necessary and some feel that it is the best way to get out of the big pressures. Big and beautiful shopping malls are around, ready to welcome enthusiastic shoppers. But what is that the consumers really look for while shopping? It varies from quality of the product to the much needed f-factor about the product.

The f-factor is mostly derived from attractive packaging. There is no one who doesn’t know the chocolates inside a Dairy Milk Celebrations pack tastes better but there is also hardly anyone who do not admire its elegant blue pack and its tag line “Kuch meta ho jay” and “Subh Aarambh”. It is the pleasing pack of the chocolate which attract the customer more to it and nobody denies it.

Emotions play a big role in life and shopping is certainly no exception. A beautiful packaging with a personal message written on it draws more attention than the actual product inside. It is only the gift wrapper, people admire first even before the gift itself. There is definitely  plenty of emotions surrounding a cover.

Lokusdesign is one of the packaging companies that had been in the business for the past ten years and its client list includes leading brands like ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, Ranbaxy etc. The founder director of the company says the company believes and banks on emotions factor in packaging. Synergy of the product and consumers are something which helps a packaging company move forward. People tend to make emotional choices when it comes to purchasing a product and that is where the strategy really works. The packaging industry is now valued at $433 billion and is expected to grow to $820 million by 2016.

When it comes to branding and packaging, there is a cosmic tiff. What plays a bigger role? – A company logo, an ad jingle, the brand ambassador or the packaging itself. There is no Indian unaware of the famous milk products brand “Amul” and its ad –jingles and also a feel-good factor in its packaging. “The taste of India” jingle plays a big role in driving ever Indian towards the product. When it comes to brand ambassadors- Amitabh Bachchan is equal to Cadbury chocolates and vice-versa, this is what the country thinks and feels.

A picture of Amitabh on a celebrations pack is sure to win customers. Brand does not play a major role as it did earlier, now it is all about the “f-factor” or the feel factor in the products. This is where packaging industry stands the true winner.


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