The Good Community and Come Together to Leverage AI to Support Scaling India’s Fastest Growing  Deep Interest Communities on WhatsApp

Alex & Naiyya
The Good Community and Come Together to Leverage AI to Support Scaling India’s Fastest Growing  Deep Interest Communities on WhatsApp

Mumbai, 27 July 2023: The Good Community, one of India’s largest omnichannel deep interest-based networks of women and experts (part of the Good Glamm Group) announces its strategic partnership with, a leading platform for community builders and creators. This alliance aims to create India’s largest community and foster deeper connections within communities across India. 

Through this strategic partnership, the Good Community sets its sights on leveraging’s AI and data insights tools to empower the Group’s community managers and accelerate its journey to connecting with 20mn+ potential community members  also on WhatsApp in the coming year. Additionally, will play a vital role in analysing and understanding their behavioural patterns, ensuring a robust and engaging community experience for all members. This ambitious goal comes with the vision of empowering individuals and professionals to engage meaningfully, enriching their lives through shared interests and experiences and comes on the back of the partnership the Good Community announced with WhatsApp India in February 2023.

Speaking on the partnership, Alex Dwek, Chief Operating Officer of Nas Company said “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Good Community on this ground-breaking initiative. What the Good Community is building is first of its kind globally, and we are excited at to be able to support them with our expertise in our WhatsApp community AI tools, data insights and monetization tools that will undoubtedly enhance the community’s overall engagement and retention. India is a key market for us and it is great to announce our first large scale partnership in the country with The Good Community.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with in our mission to build the world’s largest deep interest brand communities. Being a community manager is one of the toughest jobs especially in rapidly scaling communities. This powerful alliance is set to revolutionize the way communities connect and the team is excited to use cutting edge technology and harness the power of AI moderation and tools to scale a trusted, highly engaged experience on WhatsApp for our community members across positive sexuality & women’s health, beauty & skincare, sustainability and motherhood. Paving the way for new opportunities and possibilities.”  added Naiyya Saggi, Group Co-founder of Good Glamm Group & CEO of the Good Community’s platform additionally offers innovative monetization options, including memberships, paid events, and exclusive paid content for community builders and creators. Recognizing the significance of community management being run at scale through the harnessing of Artificial intelligence, assisted moderation, data analytics and streamlined tech stacks built for community moderation & engagement for sustainable growth, the Good Community has chosen as a strategic partner to ensure that community members have a valuable and fulfilling experience.

The Good Community specializes in curating deep-interest and city-specific WhatsApp Groups, facilitating authentic connections among members and also getting them vetted advise from top experts at regular interventions. By joining forces with, The Good Community aims to operationalize, build, and breathe life into this transformative project starting August 2023.

The Good Community and invite all individuals, experts, and community enthusiasts to join this movement and be a part of India’s most vibrant and thriving community.


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