The House of Lords, London, confers Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi with the prestigious 

Bharat Samman award Mr. Ashok Todi (1)
The House of Lords, London, confers Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi with the prestigious “Bharat Samman Award 2023”

“Bharat Samman Award 2023”

~ Lux Industries’ Chairman’s achievement is the first in the Indian Hosiery Industry at a global platform~ 

Mumbai, 27 September 2023: Lux Industries Limited, (BSE: 539542 | NSE: LUXIND), one of the country’s largest innerwear/athleisure manufacturers, is known for its innovative and customer-demand-driven product offerings. The company manufactures more than 100 products across 14 major brands comprising a complete range of innerwear, athleisure and outerwear for men, women, and children. Lux Industries has achieved yet another remarkable feat within the Indian hosiery industry, securing the prestigious distinction of being the first recipient of the “Bharat Samman Award, 2023”Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi, Chairman, Lux Industries Ltd. has been conferred with the prestigious award at the World Leaders Summit & Awards 2023 conducted by NRI BUSINESS FORUM held at The House of Lords, UK Parliament, London. The award was presented to Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi by Lord Alastair Campbell, 4th Baron Colgrain, in recognition for his outstanding contributions to the hosiery industry in India and his exemplary leadership in the field of business.

It’s a long way from 1957, when the family patriarch, the late Girdharilal Todi, set up Biswanath Hosiery Mills as an innerwear manufacturer. Then Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi, son of late Girdharilal Todi came on board and joined the family business at a very early age. He took over as the chairman of Lux Industries Limited and has been engaged in the hosiery business for over 5 decades. Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi’s forte lies in marketing the products, developing new policies and schemes for better growth and expansion of the company. He is also the former President of West Bengal Hosiery Association. He has additionally been related with different philanthropic associations in India. 

Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi has always prioritized the quality of the brand’s products and firmly believed that it would help them amp up the buzz created by advertising. Over the years, Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi substantially pushed for research and development within the company. His sole intention is to make the company rise higher in the graph. With his enormous zeal, for the betterment of the Company he did not leave any stones unturned. The company has made a wide-spread presence and has grown up higher in the graph under the guidance of Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi. It has successfully made its footprints in every state and presently has 2, 00,000 outlets pan India. Mr. Ashok Todi also made immense contributions in the field of Exports and has brought in remarkable changes. This fostered the company’s growth widely and has expanded the company’s presence in 25+ countries. To name a few- Thailand, Singapore and UAE.  

The “Bharat Samman Award” is a testament to Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his dedication to creating products that meet the evolving demands of consumers. This prestigious honour acknowledges his significant role in transforming the hosiery industry in India and his vision in shaping Lux Industries into a powerhouse of quality and innovation. 

Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi expressed his gratitude and shared his thoughts on receiving the award, stated, I am deeply honoured to receive the ‘Bharat Samman Award, 2023,’ which is not just a recognition of my efforts, but a reflection of the collective hard work and dedication of the entire Lux Industries team. We have been a pioneer in the hosiery industry, setting benchmarks for quality, comfort, and style. For decades, our company has consistently pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship, ensuring that our products not just meet but exceed the expectations of our consumers and this award reaffirms our commitment to quality and innovation. I am thankful to Lord Alastair Campbell and the esteemed jury for this prestigious recognition. 

Tedious hard work and his massive contributions has made the company reach the top in flying colours. This award not only recognizes Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi’s contributions but also serves as a reminder of Lux Industries’ enduring legacy in the industry and its commitment to providing top-notch products to consumers.