The Indus Valley launches the campaign, ‘May my mother remains healthy!’


If there’s a brand that has understood the nuances of a healthy lifestyle, it’s The Indus Valley. Known for its range of healthy and toxin-free cookware, the brand has launched a heart-warming Mother’s Day campaign, ‘May my mother remains healthy. The creative campaign aims to celebrate the woman who gave you the gift of life, by taking care of her and giving her the dear gift of health.

Pivoting around the theme of mother’s day, the campaign highlights the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and also the way the nutrition of your food isn’t only contingent the ingredients that you simply cook with, rather it also depends on what you cook in! The brand unrolled a movie highlighting how Maa took care of your health once you were little and always went the extra mile just for you. Now it’s time to want care of her and provides them the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Featuring the stories inspired by real people, the common emotion evoked through the film was wishing healthiness for our mothers. These emotions are aptly encapsulated in various regional languages, echoing the identical emotion from every corner of India. The film beautifully conveys the message that motherhood is an emotion and skill that’s selfless and pure and thus the brand’s commitment to making the lives of people healthy. And thus the most effective due to reciprocate it’s by giving them the gift of health. The film ends with the important people cooking for his or her real mothers.

This Mother’s Day, let the food do all the talking! For the families that bond together with home-cooked meals, that’s simple, satisfying, and instilled with unconditional love and warmth.

Speaking about the campaign, Madhumita Uday Kumar, Co-Founder, The Indus Valley says, “Through our campaign, we wanted to strike conversation around the best gift one can give to their moms and convey out the thought behind it. The Health and well-being of our customers have always been the reason at The Indus Valley so why not give your mom a gift of fine health this time.”

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