The New POLO Flavours


Polo, the mint with the hole. Just the mere mention of the nestle brand brings a familiar taste to our tongues. With 32 million single Polo sweets or 1.37 million packs being produced per day, it is no wonder that the brand has such international recognition. The mint introduced in 1948 by the Rowntree’s factory in New York, made its way to India in 1993 and has been Indian hearts ever since. The ingredients of the main verity include mint oils, glucose, sugar, and modified starch. The classic packing of the mint is 23 numbers in a 10cm long packaging.

The mint has been sold in varieties of spearmint, fruit, polo gummies, sugar-free, Mini Strong polos, smoothies, and a whole lot more. Polo has introduced three new packs to its product line. These include one being of a paan flavor. The new Extra Strong flavor with a stronger mint made with Menthol and peppermint flavor for times when you need that extra cooling. The new Paan flavor comes with green colored rings to give consumers a modern, cool experience of Paan. Polo also now comes in attractive new packaging with a refreshing micro tale.

Over the last many years, NESTLÉ POLO with its unique proposition of Mint with a hole has provided unmatched freshness and cooling for millions of Indian consumers, said Nikhil Chand, Director – Foods and Confectionery for Nestlé India. He also added that in the current context, everyone is going through a lot of stress as they are forced to live restricted lives without friends, without doing the things they love and at the same time, deal with various uncertainties. He hopes that POLO with its unique shape, taste, and freshness, and a witty brand language, encourages consumers to look at the positive side of everything. 

The paan flavor is something that most companies are adopting nowadays. We have seen this with Durex, a condom brand from the house of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Group promote Meetha Paan flavored condoms along with Kaala Khatta, Silky Chocolate, and Juicy Strawberry. Unibic and Havmor have also introduced paan flavored snack bar and icecream respectively.  


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