RenewBuy launches its maiden brand campaign


RenewBuy, the digital service platform, has launched a campaign. Their campaign focuses on promoting their brand among the people all over the country and to their clients. The organization intends to make its product straightforward and open to everybody. Through its advanced, branchless model, it intends to extend its effort to 1000 regions in the following two years. The brand mission will help in connecting the brand’s center recommendation to the shoppers.

The campaign which has two short movies will be launched with a geo-focusing procedure. While one film is pointed toward associating with the metropolitan recent college grads, the other one aims to interface with each family unit in level 2 and 3 urban areas. The two promotion films for the campaign aims at creating popularity in the digital platform.

Balachander Sekhar who is the Chief Executive Officer of RenewBuy stated that it is their vision to make their product available to all Indians. He also mentioned that insurance is one such area that needs high awareness and simple access. Because of its high cost and difficult product model, it doesn’t have its presence all over the nation, particularly in level 2 and 3 urban communities. Their organization has been set up with the vision to connect the people and make it available in each corner of the nation through a profoundly straightforward and carefully empowered POSP structure driven model. He stated that the last five years have been a live witness to their development story. He mentioned that their new campaign lively explains out how much they value their customers.

Devesh Joshi who is the marketing head of RenewBuy on launching of their product stated that digital platform is the most reachable form today as it reaches the nook and corner of the country. He also added that RenewBuy is attempting to address the unaddressed needs of the customers and for that, they have conceived the metropolitan technique. He said that their survey showed that the ladies have been a significant part of making the choices for the family and particularly when it comes to the insurance investments and to reach them their movies have depicted ladies as heroes who are helping the family to make the correct choice.


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