The power of compounding, all you need to know about SIP’s


A systematic Investment Plan, or SIP, is a type of investment method that allows you to invest a fixed amount in an investment plan at regular intervals. When an investor pays his amount in instalments via SIP, a fixed amount is debited from his account, depending on the frequency chosen by the investor, and is transferred to the plan in which he has invested.

Mutual Fund SIP-Investors have realized the importance of creating wealth for future use through the System Investment Plan (SIP). SIP is a way to save and invest systematically at a certain time interval, which can be monthly or lump sum. Setting up a SIP mutual fund allows the fund to automatically deduct the SIP amount from your bank account and invest in the selected fund on the selected date.

The importance of SIP for Indian businessmen who are mostly middle class, As the external environment has become volatile, they need to create wealth that is separated from their main business. Making passive income sources is much needed in today’s world so the businessmen seeking returns cannot invest in any business so investing in mutual funds could be a great idea for them.

You can benefit from strong compound interest. Compound interest involves reinvesting the interest you earn from your investment. This simple technique turns a relatively small investment into a larger case. SIP strategies can intelligently use compound interest to increase profits. For your investment, even if only 1,000 rupees per month. If you choose a systematic investment plan, you will need to make regular contributions within a regular period higher return. To maximize the use of compound interest, it is recommended that you open an online trading account and a simulation account and invest as soon as possible.

The strategy of most investors is to accumulate large amounts and then invest it in financial instruments such as mutual funds. As your income increases to accommodate your financial capabilities, you can gradually increase your investment. In addition, there is an interest calculation element that can help you quickly achieve your financial goals.

Why SIP is important?

-Requires very minimal amount

-Makes you a disciplined investor

-Power of compounding


-Easy tracking information


Investment should be done in debt or equity funds rather than focusing the aggressive funds much are more volatile.

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