Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr Subhrangshu Kumar Neogi ,Co Founder and Executive Director, Escrowpay.

Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr Subhrangshu Kumar Neogi ,Co Founder and Executive Director, Escrowpay.

Escrowpay, a pioneer and leader in digital escrow solutions, offers smarter, faster, and safer transactions in collaboration with several leading banks. As an integrated fintech stack, it not only enables efficient payments and collections agnostic of transaction type and size but also adds that additional layer of trust and transparency in every transaction.

Supported by restful API’s or customised white labelled, dashboards currently the solutions are targeted at enterprises, SMB’s and digital first businesses with diverse use cases and are a perfect “plug in” for optimising their transactions. 

The platform supports all types and sizes of transactions, whether they are high value transactions, once in a lifetime instances, milestone-based transactions, long-dated sales, or even recurring regular transactions and priority instant collections. 

How did you come up with the idea to start Escrowpay?

The initial idea was inspired by the vision of the founders to democratize escrows and make them convenient and accessible to businesses in a digital, paperless avatar, unlike conventional escrow banking that is largely manually driven, time taking and not solution oriented.Over the past few years especially post COVID, remote transactions becoming a reality the market has evolved and matured with digital escrows becoming an absolutely critical and  efficient  payments and collection mechanism for businesses. Escrowpay is the perfect answer as an agile, seamless, customisation focused digital solution.

What has been the biggest challenge for you till now?

As a category evangelist and pioneers the biggest challenge perhaps has been customer education and also getting banks/ other ecosystem players to collaborate as a complementary partner rather than compete with us.

USP of the brand

We have built an integrated stack that takes care of the end to end journey ensuring that money movement, collections and payments happen real time. We are agile, solution oriented and customisation focused and we take pride in our holistic offering that ensures our clients can focus on their core ie. managing their business, while leaving the transactional, payment processing heavy lifting to us 

Who is your target audience? And how do you plan to reach them?

Our solutions are currently being used by listed firms, soonicorns, unicorns and emerging enterprises. Our sweet spot though would be the underserved and unserved SME’s, digital first emerging businesses. As we keep expanding the width and depth of our offerings in the months to come we intend serving at least 5000 + businesses over the next 12-18 months.We will focus on targeted brand building and also a performance focused marketing/business generation approach through our own omni channel efforts as well as joint go to market programs with banks and other ecosystem partners.


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