The year 2021: the revolution of Fantasy Gaming apps


The development of gaming, fintech, education technology, and peer-to-peer social media has made seamless and number-based identity verification more crucial than ever. Truecaller’s authentication solution enables this by providing a seamless experience for consumers while also assisting them in enhancing the user channel for mobile web and applications.

Truecaller, the world’s top platform for authenticating contacts and banning nuisance calls has released its inaugural Mobile Product Growth Trends Report for Indian businesses. This research uses Truecaller SDK’s insights to assist corporations and start-ups in understanding growth trends in the year 2021.The trends report contains detailed information on India’s top growth and adoption categories such as e-businesses and apps.

During the last six months of 2021, Indian employment portals had increased by 108 percent in website traffic. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh were one of the few states to embrace the OTT category. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are the states where Fantasy Gaming is most popular, with Sundays having the highest engagement rate and Monday had the lowest.

Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra witnessed the most e-commerce adoption.  These two states were also at the forefront of social and content platform use, northern  states with the most Ed Tech adoption.”We partner with businesses and start-ups to enable a streamlined verification experience for the user with our validation SDK solution while helping them improve the user funnel for mobile products,” Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM and Developer Products, Truecaller for Business, said in response to the Growth Trends Report. This study is a step toward providing more insights and learning to India’s product and developer communities, based on our learnings from 2021.

Truecaller’s verifications SDK passed 1 billion successful verifications on third-party mobile apps and websites this year, marking a significant milestone for the company. With the SDK solution, mobile apps and websites can optimize the user funnel by integrating seamless mobile number verification. Truecaller is now the primary means of number verification for its users, and the SDK solution has strong penetration with prominent players across numerous industry categories. SDK community partners also voiced their opinions on the integration.

“Having a seamless signup procedure is crucial for us as a company that serves micro-entrepreneurs from small communities across India Truecaller’s one-tap signup makes it incredibly frictionless and easy for our users, eliminating funnel drop for us,” stated Harshit Madan, Meesho’s VP.

One of the simplest and most significant SDK integrations was done with Truecaller. We witnessed a 20 percent improvement in the sign-up success rate for consumers who had the Truecaller app on their phones after the integration. “Any mobile-first product should use it as a default integration,” stated Tanu Gupta,  BigBasket.

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