This Father’s Day, Samsonite urges to #SayItWithSamsonite with their social media brand film


June 17, 2022; Mumbai, India:

In this fast, bustling life, how often do you take a pause and share words of affection to your dad? For the few who are living away from home, a two minute chat with one’s father during the day can hardly encompass the love, care, and gratitude. It’s about time we change that, move on from our phone screens and say how we truly feel. This Father’s Day, Samsonite India consciously wants today’s generation to express love to their fathers, with #SayItWithSamsonite.

To celebrate Father’s Day, Samsonite India’s latest film focuses on remembering the best moments of one’s life and how a father is there to support us through all those moments.Father is there for his child through tough or tender moments. He is someone who is there to share a laugh with and spend time on a fun vacation.

The film brings about many emotions of a father-son bond, as the father is valued through many hidden notes and a surprise that awaits him. Watch the film to witness the adorable father-child bond.

Watch the film here:


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