Three Fourth Solutions secures mandate for Brand Turtle


Three Fourth Solutions have made a great achievement in winning the integrated marketing mandate for the brand Turtle which is headquartered in Kolkata. The Three Fourth Solutions’ basic aim is to provide solutions and interesting ideas or concepts that would help the brand in overcoming business obstacles or challenges. It’s an integrated marketing agency that helps to change and transform society for the better.

Now that the Three Fourth Solutions have attained a great win for the Turtle, this brand management has to take the full responsibility of the Turtle, like digital outreach, their communication method, and design, their own digital media to reach different websites and even their public relation. As of now the Three Fourth Solution and the Turtles go hand in hand in their business world in which the brand management act as the brain to control or to overlook the activities of the brand Turtles.

Since the Three Fourth Solutions have consisted of people of a high level of intelligence and creative mind which are most perfect for the business world, brand management has made a huge impact on the business world. The Turtle is India’s one of the oldest fashion brands. This brand provides us with Menswear including suits, shirts, ordinary fashion cloth, and a variety of other options. It is also one of India’s leading brands of Menswear and apparel.

Now with the help of the Three Fourth Solutions the Turtle can grow even higher possibly to the number one in Menswear and apparel brand in the country. Three Fourth Solution, which has worked with over 500+ clients for more than six years, is looking forward to a peaceful relation with the Turtle which might benefit both of them in the near future.

These days with many new rival brands which are started to emerge and started to create momentum in the business world and on top of that the youth might prefer the new rather than the old company in purchasing suits and other kinds of clothes. So Therefore it is a great opportunity for the Turtle which under the mandate of the Three Fourth Solution agency’s help them take the top.   


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