GoDaddy launches its second phase of “Bijiness Bhai” Campaign


GoDaddy, the domain registrar and web hosting company, is back with the 2nd phase of its marketing campaign “Bijness Bhai”. The character of Bijness Bhai (a mentor who is known to have gained incredible trust and faith among the audience during the phase1 of the campaign last year) is played by GoDaddy’s brand ambassador in India MS Dhoni.

Nikhil Arora, VP, and MD, GoDaddy India said that GoDaddy saw a positive acknowledgment in the first phase of its marketing campaign, where the company was able to create more than 85% brand awareness across tier 1, 2, 3 cities. The second phase of this campaign concentrated on uplifting small businesses and to integrate online business, and to generate awareness about GoDaddy’s online products and services.

 Since cricket, one of the most passionately and enthusiastically followed sports, and IPL, the biggest and most popular cricketing event in India, the brand decided to launch the campaign during this year’s tournament.

The commercial campaign was Conceptualized by Tilt Brand Solutions. The campaign comprises two eccentric video commercials where MS Dhoni is seen donning the role of a helpful mentor (Bijness Bhai) again, in his witty, unconcerned, cool attitude. Only this time, he is advising people not to limit their online presence just in earning a domain name, but to also create an official website and a professional email address; all designed to complete an online business venture with the help of GoDaddy.

Arora further added that the brand had only been a month since the campaign is launched and has already generated around 162 million impressions across different digital and social platforms.

The company recently launched the GoDaddy Academy (an online training and certification platform offering a mix of technology and business courses helping people thrive better in today’s ever-changing digital world) training over 1000 web designers/developers in over 10 cities across the country.

Through these multilingual local marketing campaigns, GoDaddy informs people about the importance of building a business website and how GoDaddy can help them grow their businesses and empowers them with the right online products and solutions to quickly adapt to the changes in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, he spoke about the shift in the marketing mix for the company post-Covid. As The outbreak significantly increased TV and OTT platform viewership, as well as social media conversations, the brand decided to use a range of media and marketing channels, including TV, social, and other digital platforms to maximize the brands reach to a wide variety of audiences. The company has decided to launch this new campaign during the Indian Premier League tournament, to build a more personal and emotional connection with our customers

He asserted that going forward, the company is planning to focus on helping educate and enable small businesses and entrepreneurs in Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities to realize the benefits of online business.


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