Virat Kohli to be the new face of Vize Health and Hygiene.


Indian Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli to be the brand ambassador of Vize Health and Hygiene. Vize Health and Hygiene is a company incorporated during the time covid-19 pandemic the aim of the venture is to make people protected from spreading chain disease.

“As a sportsperson, we athletes are recipients of love and hero-worship, but in these difficult times, it is the Covid warriors who are true heroes, putting their lives on the line, we are doing our part by helping society fight through this unprecedented time, Vize is the for heroes who keep India unbeaten, I feel excited to be associated with Vize because it is my way of expressing solidarity to my fellow Indians,” Virat Kohli said.

The new venture Vize Health and Hygiene come up to protect the people in the country and around the world. It can be achieved through keeping the hands and body of every individual clean and sanitized, this will result in not only protect himself from affecting the diseases but also it will help to break the chain of infection.

The new venture sees the future needs and forecasts new normal. It helps them to start a new venture and it will inspire many young people in the country to come up with the new innovative idea to protect and overcome the ongoing pandemic covid-19 as well as to fight against any of such pandemic.

Vize Health and Hygiene private limited company were incorporated in August 2020. They have come up with an idea and forecast the demand for the product shortly as well as in the far. Their idea came to action when they incorporated the company and it is classified as a non-government company.

By selecting Virat Kohli as the ambassador of Vize Health and Hygiene they aim to reflect the importance of being prepared, discipline, and world-class standards. Virat Kohli was previously a brand ambassador for companies like ADDIDAS, AUDI, TOYOTA, BOOST DRINK, NIKE, FASTTRACK, and many other international brands. Recently Virat Kohli has chosen as the brand ambassador for MPL (Mobile Premier League).

Akshat Jain, founder, Vize Health and Hygiene, said, “It is up to all of us to face the pandemic, be cautious and disciplined about the cleanliness and hygiene routine to keep ourself safe and by doing that breaking the chain of spread”.


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