Tonic Worldwide’s ‘GIPSI’ launches the world’s first Insights report on the Metaverse as NFTs


India , February 2022 : GIPSI, Tonic Worldwide’s HI+AI (Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence) division today launches first Insights report on the Metaverse as NFTs.

Experience is at the core of the metaverse, which is now called Web 3.0. When GIPSI deep dived into AI data to understand and decode the Metaverse, it observed that people need to experience it first-hand, and not just learn about it passively. The report, “Metaverse Loading ” is a collection of NFTs on which can be viewed, liked and shared 

GIPSI believes that metaverse is still loading. To help people understand this complex topic, GIPSI decided to show-and-tell! 

“Metaverse loading” is a snackable mini report in the form of NFTs. The idea is to nudge people to get started on the topic of the metaverse and encourage them to start their own Metaverse journey. The report sheds light on the scale of conversations, emotions, early adopters and side-effects of the metaverse. Further, it shares thought-starters for brands to step into the Metaverse and grab more opportunities to offer more experiential engagement to their customers.

Key Findings of the GIPSI Report: 

  • Metaverse is here to stay. As of early Jan‘22, 23.4 million conversations were happening globally and 414k conversations were happening in India. 
  • GIPSI reports rapidly changing emotions around the metaverse. What started as ‘fear’ has evolved into ‘concern’ which needs discussion and answers. On the other hand, the ‘mockery’ around it being a kiddish concept or a smokescreen has now got the audiences to feel the FOMO.
  • The early adopters of metaverse identified by GIPSI, basis the data as of early Jan ‘22   are 
    • Gamers, with 3.95 Million conversations. They are the metaverse natives
    • Investors, with 755K conversations. They are here to mint money
    • Entertainers, with 310K conversations. They are in the search of a new stage
    • Last but not the least, brands! They are here to be part of the new marketplace   
  • Well, GIPSI also wants readers to not ignore the other side of the metaverse. The side effects. Some of these are the undercurrents and some, big concerns.
    • Fear of eyes: While the larger conversations are, excitement around AR glasses, VR lenses, there is an undercurrent of concern about the impact of these on the eyes. Giving a clear indication for the eyecare sector to pay attention to.
    • Future of brains: 1420% increase in conversations are happening around how it will affect mental health. Experts are concerned. This is not an undercurrent.
    • Future of Environment: This is a mix bag. There is a good and bad side to the metaverse as far as environment is concerned according to the data.

Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide said, “Metaverse simply put is an ‘experiential web’.  It is still loading but it won’t take too long before it becomes a new way of using the web for everything. I think marketers this time are keen on, not missing the bus, big-medium and small, all brand teams are eager to know and enter the space, which is a good sign. Unlike web2.0 where it took a pandemic for all brands to adopt digital, for web 3.0 there is no dearth of curiosity and excitement. Metaverse Loading is an attempt by GIPSI to get started on the topic by interacting with the report NFTs on

Commenting on the report, Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer and Director – India & MENA region Tonic Worldwide, said “”Metaverse is still a mystery for most marketers and consumers.  This inhibition comes from the fear of the unknown and the fear of technology. This is our attempt to de-mystify Metaverse for marketers by enabling them to experience it firsthand as a report in the form of NFTs”

Please click on the link below ‘Metaverse Loading’ report image to view and share the report NFTs

Image Credit: GIPSI, Tonic Worldwide

Link to the report NFTs

For better experience you can also engage with the report NFTs in 3 simple steps. 

1.        Head to and Tap on “Create”

2.        Select “Metamask” and activate the Browser extension.

3.        Now, connect your Metamask wallet to your Opensea account, via an email verification.

Congratulations, you have now entered the Metaverse.

GIPSI was launched in 2018 and is being headed and driven by Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide and Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide.