ZeoNutra Launches SlimPlus! A Vegan Weight Management Supplement containing Slimbiome


New Delhi, February 08, 2022: ZeoNutra, a premium name in Nutraceuticals and Healthcare Supplements, and a sub-segment of Zeon Lifesciences, has today announced the launch of ‘SlimPlus’, a Vegan Supplement Powder for Weight Management and Waist Slimming. The product is available on ZeoNutra’s Website, Amazon, Flipkart, and Healthcare sites such as PharmEasy and NetMeds. SlimPlus creates a sense of fullness and aids in the reduction of cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

SlimPlus is an orange-flavored tangy drink that aids in the curbing of the user’s cravings. SlimBiome, a patented award-winning weight management component, is also included in the product. When combined with a good diet, SlimBiome can support hunger-free weight management. SlimPlus, with the goodness of SlimBiome, significantly reduces extra body fat, systolic blood pressure, and significantly improves waist proportions.

Obesity is on the rise in India, leading to chronic ailments such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as bad heart health. ZeoNutra’s SlimPlus will be a disruptive product acting as a game-changer in weight management.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Suresh Garg, Founder and MD, Zeon Lifesciences, said, “We’re excited to add a Vegan weight management supplement to our product line that provides healthy support to overweight people. Obesity causes malfunction of the entire human body and brings a battalion of ailments, which are most detrimental to our health. We have come up with a product that will help us fight this evil. SlimBiome® induces a lower blood glucose rise after meals compared to sugar-containing food and drinks.”

SlimBiome was also honored in this year’s Nutrition Industry Executive Awards for its distinct market positioning. Additionally, the Slimbiome used in the product acts as a catalyst for gut microbiome composition which leads to a healthy gut and helps the body to remain fit. The clinically-tested ingredient SlimBiome® meets the market demand for a sustainable, healthy and stress-free slimming aid by replacing harsh self-discipline as the key to weight loss with tasty, science-backed applications.